My Work Gear Up Daniel Fontana is a 23-year-old Connecticut native who has been dabbling in the art world for quite sometime, but is still widely unheard of. However, this just gives him more time to focus on his clients and cater to their ideas, while also providing creative, imaginative, and fun ways to give them exactly what they are looking for. His brainchild, Celestial; Is a chance to peak into the vastness of what goes through his mind. From Mythological and Ancient roman times to female Celestial Samurai’s, there is no guessing where his work might go next. His heart lies in the Skateboarding community which he’s been apart of for over 13 years. There are a large variety of different art forms he learned from that have helped shaped his art style and views. But he is still equipped with the tools and skills to adapt to any project that is handed to him. The Myth, The Creative
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